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Whether a website, an email campaign or anything else, our expert copywriters will write it flawlessly. And yes, we hate hate hate plagiarism! Each text undergoes a 2 step Plagiarism API tool.


As a client on our platform, you will have access to a wide range of native copywriters in your desired language and tone. We take away all the hassle and let you focus on what matters: your business.

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How common is it to get ditched in the digitized world? Either you get poor quality content, and your money gets wasted, or writers often do not get paid for their hassles. Our platform offers a safe process for both parties.

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We have diverse native copywriters with experience in various industries, including finance, fashion, technology, etc. Whether you are a startup or an already established business wanting to go to the next level, our copywriters can help you achieve your goals. Every copy written on our platform is freshly minted with localized SEO strategies to help you rank in your region.

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Our platform connects you directly with the most talented copywriters in the industry, giving you access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and creativity that can help take your content to the next level.


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Why take the hassle of learning lingua franca when you can simply place an order in your native language? Our multi-language-friendly interface allows you to place orders in more than a dozen languages.

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Looking for pre-written texts that have worked like magic for marketing campaigns? Order ready-to-buy texts and plug and play with your niche. It’s like a template – just a lot better!

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Our powerful API enables seamless connectivity between your systems, allowing you to manage your data in real-time. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to increased productivity with makeContent. Try it today and see the difference it can make for your business!

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Would you like to increase sales or improve the quality of your leads? Is it time to step up the revenue indicators? Best Quality Content can help you reach your goals through search engine optimization.

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Some Fast Q&A from our Client

It depends on who you ask. There are stellar performers on every platform, so it’s about deciding which applicant best matches your goals and overall strategy. 
The best platform for hiring a freelance copywriter is up to the client and freelancer’s opinion. There are a lot of ways to get started as a freelance writer. But for beginners, freelance writing platforms and job platforms that include writer jobs are a chance to get portfolio work built up quickly. 
Getting connected to clients who will hire and pay you takes a lot of work. You’ll likely need platforms to move beyond your network. 
This advice goes for clients too. You’ll need a reputation score, or copywriters will apply less to your listings on any platform for writers. 

Milestones: Big projects need milestones. This is where the copywriter submits a third or fourth of the work, it’s reviewed, and payment is released. It’s a system of checks and balances that keep projects on track on the content platform. Sometimes quality is inconsistent, communication is spotty, or payment is slow. This is all information freelancers need, and clients need to continue working on projects confidently. 
Tasks: Projects might be best structured around tasks. For example, the home page, services page, and about pages of a website could be division lines. 
Hourly: Hourly contracts use time trackers and often have guaranteed payment due to work activity being proven. 
Flat-Rate: These are often without payment guarantees to freelancers because clients don’t put any money in escrow. 
Recurring Payments: Platform for copywriters often get recurring or standing orders like a blog post every week. For this, scheduling recurring payments can make project management less time-consuming for clients and freelancers. 

Most commonly, clients write job postings on content copywriter platforms that are either too detailed or not detailed enough. 
If you don’t write a good quality posting, you’ll scare off freelance copywriters, who are naturally wary of scammers. Or you just won’t attract their interest and will end up with 5-10 proposals. The world of freelancing can be somewhat shady, dealing with unknown people from all over the world, with the biggest issue being non-payment.
Now, freelancers of all types struggle to get paid for good work quickly done, so that should be acknowledged. 
Too Long: Too long becomes intimidating and contains too many details and expectations to be addressed in a proposal.
Too Short: There isn’t detail to provide an actual response in the form of a proposal, which leads to form pitch writing.
Include a “did they read” check: Add any word you want to the listing and say, “Include this word at the top of your pitch so I can weed out those who didn’t read.”

Make the right decisions at the right time according to your freelance copywriting strategy.
With more data available than ever before, it’s even easier to make the right decisions at the right time—when you have the corresponding research. So why is so much research confusing to clients, not actionable, and in some cases, not even accurate? Because incorrect market analyses lead to improper data collection.
Whether you are starting a new product or service development initiative, or simply want to know how to take an existing product to the next level, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right freelance copywriter if they understand:
Current and future market size
Core market requirements
Market growth rate
Cost structure of the industry
Channels for distribution and sourcing
Trends affecting the industry and market
Profitability of the market
Demographics of buyers
Required compliances
Competitor revenue and market share

Market Size
Understanding the size of your market is critical for a copywriter to tap into his or her ability to grow your business. But like any business no market stays stagnant. The size of your market today will not be the size of your market in the future, and if you don’t know how it will change over time before it actually does, you’ll make short-term decisions that harm your business during the next shake-up. A freelance copywriter should have resources they consult to understand:
Potential and existing revenues
The total or potential size of your market
Target customer segments
Market trends
Services and products available in the market

Market Trends
Proper trend analysis is key to staying competitive. The raw data is out there for everyone to collect, but only the skilled few freelance copywriters can turn this non-useful information into patterns, relationships, trends, and essential facts that allow you to communicate a message so strong it can’t help but convert.
Market Profitability
There are several factors that affect the profitability of any market. Your copywriter should understand these so that they can position you properly.
Critical needs
Cost structure of the industry
Competitor rivalry
Barriers to entry
Supplier and buyer power
Degree of market saturation
Substitute product potential
Products that compliment your offerings.

Many copywriter jobs can gather data, but few make the connections that lead to profit-boosting actionable insight. Don’t let your investment in research become a fruitless exercise. Get the results you want with custom research and web research services from a copywriter that lies the proper foundation for the writing part of the job.
Custom Research
Research doesn’t just mean digging into your industry, but analyzing all the copy for competitors to see the approach they take.
Innovative In-Field Reporting: The best in-field reporting solution for your business or organization is simply up to you. You know best, and it’s our job to provide the reporting solution that most seamlessly integrates into how you work. It’s our job to get you the answers you need and present them in the most easily attainable, concise, and clear manner possible. 

Project Management: The right project manager for your needs is paramount, which is why we — once again — start by listening intently to your thoughts and concerns about your business. We have a team of highly skilled project managers waiting in the wings to make sure your projects are always on budget, on time and a tremendous success. 
Questionnaire Design & Development: Our questionnaires are only as successful as our understanding of your goals, which is why we use your input to create optimal surveys. This success consists of three parts: 1. Develop and design a format guaranteed to generate real results; 2. Sequence and structure your survey questions for the highest response rates; 3. Tailor your questionnaires to the approaches and methods that best fit your research goals. 

Premium Online Research Programming: Collecting information from online interviews is just the beginning. Every organization or business needs customized ways of engaging its audience in order to get the answers needed to grow. Advanced behind-the-scenes stats, new generation engagement styles, and more — let’s experiment, let’s innovate, and burn right past the competition. 

Web Research
Your copywriter should find the information you need, no matter where it hides online, using a variety of solutions listed below. 
Document Research: Your copywriter should bar no holds when tapping into deeds, title research, foreclosure, mortgages, assignments, and more. 
Leads Research: Your copywriter can discover new potential sources of leads just by doing their research. And not just that, but they can help you formulate a voice for each new customer segment.
Product Research: Product research should be gathered from SKUs, consumer feedback, technical specs, pricing trends, market trends, and more. 
Company Research: Have your copywriter bundle into an easy-to-use format research on competitors, industrial updates, financial and annual reports, and market reports. 

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