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Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, copywriting is an in-demand job with lots of potential for growth. From digital marketing to tech writing, explore the best copywriting jobs available right now and take your career to the next level

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Some Fast Q&A from our Client

The first step to becoming a copywriter is to understand what it is and what it isn’t
When you understand what copywriting is – the learning process starts
Once you have learned copywriting and become a copywriter – you need to land the best clients
And is your go-to copywriting platform where you can find high-paying clients, and – clients can find the best copywriters!

Have you ever been compelled to purchase a product after seeing an ad copy? Or have you clicked the link or at least viewed the website?

A few times a day, probably. These written ad content can inform you about brands or products or persuade you to share that information with others. Usually, copywriters do this sort of writing. They grab your attention and get you to act in a way that will benefit the company in the long run. Interesting, right?

Well, in today’s market, copywriting and copywriters demand is growing with every passing day. And a copywriting job can be an excellent way to earn money from home. However, it’s not necessary to have an advanced degree (or any degree) to find copywriting work if you know where to look. Also, you don’t even need to be an expert to start.

Simple ways and copywriting platforms like can help you get better fast while building a strong client list.

The following guide will define in detail what a copywriter is, its roles, salary, and how you can become a pro copywriter. While here, we will also discuss how you can get entry-level copywriting jobs online, as well as how to progress to high-paying freelance copywriting jobs. You’ll also get a picture of how much time and effort it takes to become a copywriter to decide if it’s the right field for you.

Let’s get to it.

A copywriter writes text (“copy”) for marketing purposes and advertising to sell products. The goal of a copywriter is to inspire potential customers to take action, build trust in the brand, and build trust in its products.

The role of a copywriter differs from that of a journalist, who reports on news and events, and from that of a content writer, who writes articles for websites.

A copywriter can work as a freelancer or works for:
A company that runs an advertising campaign on behalf of another company.
Companies that produce their own marketing materials.
Copywriting platforms such as

What is is the largest platform for Copywriters where they can connect to potential clients, and clients can connect to amazing copywriters.

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Copywriters write copy that inspires readers to act – they have deep knowledge of their target audiences and their needs. The work of a copywriter covers a wide range of mediums, such as the internet (“digital” or “online”), print, television, and film. They may have a background in marketing, advertising, or even in psychology, and they work closely with designers, project managers, editors, and others to create marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • In addition to writing in a language that appeals to their audience, copywriters use their expertise to write:
  • Click worthy calls to action, subject lines, and powerful headlines
  • Case studies, examples, and compelling stories
  • Catchy slogans that resonate with the audience

An example of what a copywriter might create is:

  • A billboard advertisement.
  • Website copy
  • Social media content
  • Marketing campaigns content
  • A commercial dialogue (speech), or YouTube script.
  • Advertising articles (advertisements that look like informative articles).
  • Featured Ad text.
  • Marketing emails etc


Freelancing is most often associated with a copywriter’s profession, but this is not always true. If you wish to start your copywriting career, consider all the options available to you. In this field, there are several paths to choose from:

Full-time Writing – some companies hire a permanent copywriter instead of hiring freelancers to write copy for their marketing campaigns and email newsletters. In cases where a company needs a lot of content and has a good reputation, a full-time copywriter may be a good solution.

Part-time Writing – Usually found in agency settings, where copywriters serve multiple clients instead of preparing content for just one company. The copywriter working for an agency must be versatile because they will be writing texts on a variety of topics. Copywriters in such a setting often create content alongside graphic designers.

Freelance copywriter – Freelance copywriters jobs for themselves. In other words, you are responsible for everything – marketing, client service, and everything else in your copywriting business.

A copywriter’s income depends on several factors, including whether they work part-time or full-time, location, specialty, and, most important, experience level.

To determine your income goals, you have to consider everything. You can work towards your income goals by having an idea in mind.

These are the average salaries for copywriters according to

Freelancer Copywriter (annual) – $43,685 to $66,43
Job-based Copywriter (annual) – $48,425 to $60,366
Freelancer copywriter and job-based Copywriter (hourly) – $21 to $32

However, these salaries are based on averages and can be much higher in some cases, depending on the platforms.


The earnings of copywriters can vary widely depending on several factors. The following are factors that can influence the copy fee including:

Copywriter’s experience – Copywriters who are SEO experts or have a broad understanding of a specific field are most likely to succeed (e.g., accounting, dietetics, or IT). However, it’s not just education and specialization that matters. It’s also a matter of experience.
Text quality and speed of writing – the price of the service will increase if the content is prepared quickly and is of good quality. Students without experience, for example, will write texts quickly and at a low rate. The copy, however, cannot be expected to be of high quality. Some companies need a lot of texts in a short time, and they want to pay as little as possible for them. Content of better quality will be available to those who pay more.
Topic difficulty – deeper research is required for more complicated topics. Your payment may increase as a result of the topic’s extension.
Many corrections – rate is affected by how much time the customer spends revising or annotation your text. Therefore, the importance of choosing a topic based on your expertise cannot be overstated.
Content value – Customers will pay more for content that is more critical to them. Generally, all image content will be found on the website and expert articles on the blog.
Providing additional services – your rate should be higher if you provide other services (e.g., translations, graphic design) in addition to writing.
Result – Effective copy is crucial to attracting customers in the future. Therefore, we suggest that you use your current works as part of your portfolio.

Now let’s talk about how to become a copywriter.

Getting good at copywriting requires a lot of practice – you have to put in a lot of hours. Even if you have raw talent, you’ll never reach the top if you don’t actively learn about copywriting and write out the copy.

So, practice copywriting if you want to be good at it – a lot of people give up in the process.

The best copywriters do two main things: study and write.

Well, the professional path of many pro copywriters today begins with the basics.

Let’s look at those basics.

Step 1). Get the right mindset
A copywriter must believe in himself or herself and what he or she can accomplish.

Getting your mindset right from the get-go will ensure your success. It’s a statement that many success coaches and motivational speakers repeatedly repeat because it’s true!

It takes time to become a successful copywriter. It will take some time before you start seeing results.

Having a deeper belief that you can succeed as a copywriter will fuel you through the ups and downs you’ll inevitably experience along the way. However, you will not be able to achieve what you want if you harbor any negative self-talk, self-doubt, or other “mind trash”.

What can you do to overcome mind trash? This topic was discussed in an article by Mindy McHorse with Dan Kennedy, who provided some great insights on eliminating your mind trash. Take a look at that for a better understanding.

Step 2). Take notes from the best copywriters of all time
After you have set up your mind, the next step is to study the greats of copywriting.

The list includes people such as Gary Halbert, Joe Sugarman, David Ogilvy, Robert Collier, Dan Kennedy, Eugene Schwartz, and Victor Schwab.

They have all written really famous ads that have earned them (and their brands) lots of money. In addition, they also took a classic approach to copy that you can take notes from. Therefore, it would be a good idea to spend some time learning from them.

Many people begin copywriting by reading the Gary Halbert Newsletter and find these newsletters to be an invaluable source of ideas, styles, and techniques for their writing.

Check out these newsletters’ headlines; they’re clickable, aren’t they?

Additionally, there are copywriting books that are a must-read.

Among them are:

Scientific Advertising
Tested Advertising Methods
The Boron Letters
The Robert Collier Letter Book

Also, you can listen to many free copywriting podcasts these days. And a must-listen is Kevin Rogers’ podcast.

After you’ve gone through all of that, you’ll clearly understand what a copywriter does and be ready to get started as a copywriter.

Step 3). Understand human psychology
Understanding the psychology of the target audience is another important aspect of copywriting.

It is essential for the best copywriters to understand human motivation – why we are compelled to buy something and the motivations that accompany it.

There is such a limited amount of time to catch people’s attention today that we are all so distracted, so anything you can do that sets you apart right away will be an advantage. You can check this article on how psychology plays a role in writing compelling copy.

Another thing that is going to help you a lot is to learn a bit about persuasive writing skills because the most important part of copywriting is persuading someone.

It would be a great idea to start with a book by Robert Cialdini – The Psychology of Persuasion. The book is credited with helping many of the best modern copywriters write winning copy.

Step 4) Practice copywriting.
The best way to learn about the profession of copywriting is to read articles or books about it, but eventually, you have to put your fingers on the keyboard and get started.

So, you have gone through the above steps; now it is time to put them into practice by actually writing a piece.

Following are a few ways to practice:

Start writing copy for your new copywriting business. Whether or not you have a website, you can still write a solid description of your services.
If you know someone who runs a small business, offer to write copy for them.
Just for practice, rewrite a copy of your favorite online brands.

Step 5). Create a copywriting portfolio
Having a copywriting website is an important first step to demonstrating your skills.

From your welcome page to your about page, every page on your site should showcase your budding copy skills. It all counts in your portfolio. So, when you get started with the website, focus on the words on your website, not how slick and cool it looks. Those things will stand out and work as your portfolio in the future.

Step 6). Find your copywriting niche
The more writing practice you get, the more you will be able to determine the niche you want to specialize in. A copywriter’s niche is the specific area and audience they are targeting.

Niche down your audience and specialization, and you’ll be able to find more work and charge more.

To begin with, you need to decide which role you want to own.

Sales funnels and emails
Managing social media/communities
Digital advertising (PPC)
Web copy/landing page copy
Podcast / video scripts

Getting started is the most important thing, so pick something that interests you. It can always be changed later if it doesn’t work.

The next step is to narrow down your target market.

Your prospective clients will be here. Consider these questions:

What is their industry?
Which services do they offer?
What type of copy do they currently use?

You can develop your niched-down role based on the answers to those questions.

Some examples are as follows:

Copywriter of email funnels for SaaS companies
Manager of social media for nonprofit organizations
Posts for websites that deal with personal finance

After you decide how you want to approach your copywriting hustle, it’s time to acquire your first clients.

Step 7). Find copywriting jobs
Finding clients for a copywriting side hustle can be intimidating, especially when you’re just getting started. However, if you manage to find your first few clients, the process becomes much simpler since they will probably refer you to their network (more on this later).

You can find your first copywriting client in a number of ways. As a copywriter, you have a variety of platforms to find work on.

Listed below are just a few places to find freelance copywriting work:
Job boards

Step 7). Setting your copywriting service price
As a copywriter, it can be confusing to determine what to charge, especially in the beginning.

Writers can use four different pricing models:

Hourly – You set an hourly rate, and clients pay you on an hourly basis.
By project – This will give you a better sense of how much you’re making for an entire project and help you deliver more concrete results for the client.
By retainer – You will receive a monthly payment from your client.
Commission/bonus – These payment models can work together to create a healthy incentive for you to complete your work.

You should charge hourly if you are a beginner because most clients might not be sure if you can do the job.

It’s actually quite simple to answer this question.

It is crucial for brands to use persuasive copy if they want people to buy their products. And you’ll be better off in the long run if your content is more persuasive, even if you’re just writing an Instagram caption.

So, it is also beneficial for freelance writers to understand the basics of copywriting. Whatever type of content you write, studying copywriting and becoming persuasive with your words will pay off in the long run.

From emails to clients to blog posts and tweets, you can apply copywriting skills to any type of writing. You will have more opportunities for your writing career if you are a better and more persuasive writer. provides opportunities to multilingual individuals as well. However, you can apply only in three languages, even if you are fluent in more. Decide which ones you know best and place your bets accordingly.

There are around 276 categories available on No matter your niche or type of copy, there is something for you. All you have to do is make sure that the content you deliver is of the highest quality and on time.

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